Sep 5, 2020 • 1HR 1M

Episode #061 - Feeling Like a Referee at a Dwarf Fight

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Alexander Snitker
Alexander Snitker (libertarian-Republican political hack) and Adrian Wyllie (born-again anarchist and political has-been) banter, blather and joke about current events, while attempting to figure out whether to keep trying to salvage our Constitutional Republic, or just stock up on marshmallows to roast on the smoldering embers of society.
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Adrian releases the glitch, Alex fights both sides in the arena of hypocrisy, Trump calling dead troops “losers” may be the most reliable story ever from The Atlantic, Nancy Pelosi learns why you do not f**k with the people you depend on, DeSantis proves Marxist theory of property rights, you can’t cheat thermodynamics, and Pasco goes full Minority Report.