Nov 27, 2021 • 1HR 0M

Episode #124: We’ll call it SuperAIDS COVID if that’s OK with China

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Alexander Snitker
Alexander Snitker (libertarian-Republican political hack) and Adrian Wyllie (born-again anarchist and political has-been) banter, blather and joke about current events, while attempting to figure out whether to keep trying to salvage our Constitutional Republic, or just stock up on marshmallows to roast on the smoldering embers of society.
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Adrian teaches kids how to drink beer properly, nearly a third of US military about to be fired, Jimmy Hoffa possibly found, trash-talking parrots offend zoo visitors, industry sour on Biden’s crude, Acme rocket launch misses Roadrunner, and aliens may actually just be humans with a bewildering array of forehead appliques.