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Unattended Baggage Episode #196: One Coin To Rule Them All

Unattended Baggage Episode #196: One Coin To Rule Them All

Adrian details his close encounter with a UAP, Alex describes his police encounter for crossing the line, the Red State vs. Blue State wars becoming Handmaid’s Tale vs. Soylent Green, Ron does...

Unattended Baggage Show Notes 05/06/2023

Episode #196: One Coin To Rule Them All

Adrian details his close encounter with a UAP, Alex describes his police encounter for crossing the line, the Red State vs. Blue State wars becoming Handmaid’s Tale vs. Soylent Green, Ron doesn’t want you to know how he’s funding his globetrotting, coup chances increase as Wagner boss threatens Kremlin on the eve of UA counteroffensive, and Biden ponders minting trillion-dollar coin to pay down debt.

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 Антитіла - Фортеця Бахмут / Official video

Homeless Wars

Protests planned in NYC as DA considers charges in subway chokehold death of Jordan Neely

Video: Attorney Says 'Shocking' Footage Shows Don Carmignani Attacking Sleeping Homeless Man With Bear Spray Prior to His Own Beating

Kinda understand and don't understand at the same time 

People standing for national anthem horrifies progressives in viral video: 'This feels so dystopian' | Fox News

How to – and how not to – run for President

This is the kind of thing you do if you’re planning a presidential run

Michelle Obama shocks Bruce Springsteen fans as she takes to the stage with legendary rocker | Daily Mail Online

This is not

Ron DeTedious: DeSantis underwhelms Britain’s business chiefs – POLITICO

DeSantis and the new Florida Fascism

Who paid for Ron DeSantis' trip overseas? No one will say. - POLITICO

Florida GOP lawmakers approve shielding DeSantis travel records | The Hill  

More crazy conspiracies about rich and powerful pedophiles

Jeffrey Epstein’s Private Calendar: CIA Director William Burns, Goldman Sachs’s Top Lawyer, Noam Chomsky - WSJ

Ms. Ruemmler had a professional relationship with Epstein in connection with her role at law firm Latham & Watkins LLP and didn’t travel with him, a Goldman Sachs spokesman said. Epstein introduced her to potential legal clients, such as Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates, the spokesman said.

Mrs. de Rothschild, who married into the famous banking family, had more than a dozen meetings with Epstein. He sought her help with staffing and furnishings as well as discussed business deals with her, according to the documents. 

Ukrainians?  Russian insurgents?  False flag?

Kremlin Says Putin Survived Overnight Assassination Attempt 

Russia uses drone attack as legal justification for nuclear strike

Kremlin accuses Washington of directing drone attack on Putin

Hundreds of Russian Storm units fighters prepare provocation in Ukrainian uniforms | Ukrainska Pravda

As Ukraine prepares counteroffensive, Russia appears in disarray

Ukraine war live: Russia orders evacuations 'ahead of Ukrainian counter offensive'

Concern over Zaporizhzhia meltdown 

Putin won’t attend May 9 Victory Day parade

Russian factions struggle for power, Coup potential grows

Russian troops and Wagner mercenaries killed each other in a shootout after blaming each other for their war failures, Ukrainian government says

Wagner Boss Makes Major Battlefield Exit After Grisly Video - says Wagner is pulling out of Bakhmut

“I am officially addressing the supreme commander-in-chief, the chief of the General Staff, the minister of defense…These were someone’s fucking fathers! And someone’s sons! [pointing to dozens of dead Wagner troops] Those bastards who don’t give us ammunition will fucking eat their guts in fucking hell!  You bastards sit in your expensive clubs. Your children enjoy life and film YouTube videos. You think you own this life and you have the right to decide their fates!”

Russian ex-deputy defence minister joins Wagner as feud escalates, war bloggers report | Reuters

More evidence for the “intentional leak” hypothesis

Discord leaks show fight between Wagner chief Prigozhin and Russian military - The Washington Post

More insider warnings about AI dangers

‘The Godfather of A.I.’ Leaves Google and Warns of Danger Ahead

Regrets his life’s work and now sees it as a “threat to humanity”

And now there’s an AI that reads your mind

Scientists develop A.I. system focused on turning peoples' thoughts into text

Look what man-made global warming has done

Ancient underwater temple found off coast of Naples

The Art of Trolling, or the Trolling of Art?

Maurizio Cattelan: Banana artwork eaten by Seoul museum visitor - BBC News

Horrible teacher or brilliant teacher?

Texas teacher fired for referring to pedophiles as 'MAPs'

Reporters & Cops Make Excellent Sugar Babies

Cop probed for trying to stop bust of alleged drug dealer — her boyfriend: sources

CNBC Found Out Anchor Had Relationship With Billionaire GOP Donor After He Walked into Frame

She is feeling the music

Woman has 'full body orgasm' during LA Philharmonic concert 

No good deed goes unpunished

Clarence Thomas Had a Child in Private School. Harlan Crow Paid the Tuition.

These people will do anything to kill off the human race

Environmentalist Lawsuit Could Delay SpaceX's Starship Launches for Years 

It’s all fake money anyway

Debt Ceiling Solution: $1 Trillion Platinum Coin Could Stop Crisis

More Jan 6th verdicts 

Proud Boys' Tarrio guilty of Jan. 6 seditious conspiracy

Google will make you Jump Jump 

Google engineer, 31, dies after jumping from 14th floor of company's New York City headquarters | The US Sun

Pay em

ATF broke the law by paying agents millions in wrongful benefits, watchdog tells Biden

The free press

The 2023 World Press Freedom Index is out – US is #45


22:40 3 MAY 23

Witnessed what appeared to be and sounded like an H-60 approaching out of the N-NW with standard navigation lights on.  When it was approximately 20 degrees before directly overhead of my position, I noticed another black object in front of it, with no lights at all, at the 1 o’clock position from the trailing, lit helicopter.  It appeared to be approximately 100 yards in front of the lit chopper, as if in formation.  Though it was too dark to make out the object accurately, it appeared to be an oval or semi-cylindrical object.  It was approximately the same size as an H-60 fuselage.  However, I could only hear one craft.  The dark object had no audible or visible means of propulsion.  I could not see nor hear a main rotor.  There was a Doppler effect when the second craft passed overhead, but none from the first.  The pitch of the rotor noise continued to increase after the first craft passed, indicating all the sound was coming from the second helicopter.  The first one seemed to make no sound at all.  Both craft continued on a S-SE path, in the general direction of McDill AFB.  I could no longer see the first craft after it passed overhead.  I could only see the navigation lights from the trailing helicopter.  I estimate the speed of the crafts at approximately 150-200 mph, and altitude approximately 2000-3000 feet, based on the apparent size of the H-60.  My best guess is this was some new, ultra-quiet military helicopter, which was being closely escorted by a standard H-60 with navigation lights for safety, but flying close enough to appear as only a single radar target, if the first craft had any significant radar signature at all.  Definitely interesting.

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