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Unattended Baggage Episode #198: Citi Bike Karen and the New TikTok Reality

Adrian teaches us how to win friends and influence petty bureaucrats, Alex tiptoes through the landmines of modern race relations, DeSantis’ crusades continue to destabilize America, politicians p...

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Alexander Snitker
Alexander Snitker (libertarian-Republican political hack) and Adrian Wyllie (born-again anarchist and political has-been) banter, blather and joke about current events, while attempting to figure out whether to keep trying to salvage our Constitutional Republic, or just stock up on marshmallows to roast on the smoldering embers of society.
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Unattended Baggage Show Notes 05/20/2023

Episode #198: Citi Bike Karen and the New TikTok Reality

Adrian teaches us how to win friends and influence petty bureaucrats, Alex tiptoes through the landmines of modern race relations, DeSantis’ crusades continue to destabilize America, politicians perform debt ceiling theater while we hope for default, your DNA is blowing in the wind, and Russia’s dreaded hypersonic missiles fail spectacularly.

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Citi Bike Karen and the New TikTok Reality

Viral video:

It blew up when Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump Tweeted it, saying: “This is unacceptable! A white woman was caught on camera attempting to STEAL a Citi Bike from a young Black man in NYC. She grossly tried to weaponize her tears to paint this man as a threat. This is EXACTLY the type of behavior that has endangered so many Black men in the past!’

"Citi Bike Karen" allegedly identified after video trying to stealing Black youth's bike goes viral

“A white woman in New York City has earned the nickname “Citi Bike Karen” after a video went viral of her trying to steal a Black youth’s rentable bicycle…Critics likened her behavior to that of Carolyn Bryant, the white woman who cried wolf and caused Emmett Till’s murder. Some sleuths online were allegedly able to identify the woman as Sarah Jane Comrie, a medical physician’s assistant employed with Bellevue Hospital. They were able to glean the information from her ID card visible in the video.”

Hospital responds after video shows an alleged employee attempting to hijack a young Black man's bike

“We have recently become aware of an incident that occurred off campus over the weekend and appears to involve one of our employees,” the statement read. “We are sorry this happened, and we are reviewing the incident. NYC Health + Hospitals/Bellevue is committed to providing the highest quality of care to all New Yorkers with dignity, cultural sensitivity, and compassion.”

Bellevue Worker in Citi Bike Fight Video Has Receipts Showing She Rented It: Lawyer

It has now been proven via the app and receipts that she was the one who paid for the bike, via the serial number which can be seen in the video.  The “lost or stolen” fee for not returning a Citi Bike within 24 hours is $1,200.

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