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Unattended Baggage Episode #204: Putin’s Survival is Adrian’s Loss

Unattended Baggage Episode #204: Putin’s Survival is Adrian’s Loss

Prigozhin may have stolen nukes before ending coup, Senators Rubio and Hawley seem to confirm US has alien spacecraft, French riots border on revolution, SCOTUS is right and wrong, nanobots like U...

Unattended Baggage Show Notes 7/1/2023

Episode #204: Putin’s Survival is Adrian’s Loss

Prigozhin may have stolen nukes before ending coup, Senators Rubio and Hawley seem to confirm US has alien spacecraft, French riots border on revolution, SCOTUS is right and wrong, nanobots like Uber for sperm, Floridians can’t seem to stop shooting through doors, Reefer Ron DeMadness goes full R-word, and we're not saying Bill Gates is causing malaria, but...

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Sounds like America, Inc. needs a war…or sports team

Extreme Pride in Being American Remains Near Record Low

Well, I didn’t see that coming.  Is Wagner now a nuclear power?

TERRIFYING RUMOR:  Russian rebels are reporting Wagner briefly occupied and controlled Voronezh-45 military base where a large number of Russian tactical nuclear weapons are stored.  The convoy stopped shortly after this base was occupied, and Putin essentially pardoned Prigozhin and the Wagner troops.  Was Prighozhin’s “mutiny” a diversion so that he could acquire nukes?  Is that why Putin allowed him to escape?

Wagner warlord Prigozhin resurfaces to justify mutiny against Putin – POLITICO

West explores nuclear risks from unstable Putin regime | Financial Times

So many questions:  Why did Prighozhin stop?  Why did Putin let him leave?  Why did Lukashenko invite him to Belarus?  What are they all planning…or are they all idiots flying by the seat of their pants?

Putin makes another speech - as Belarus president orders army to be at 'full combat readiness'

Ukraine takes east bank of Dnipro in Kherson, confused Russians kill each other

Damn, so close…

Plot to assassinate Vladimir Putin on Moscow bridge 'foiled by Russian Secret Service' - Daily Star

'No question' that Putin is using a body double after Wagner revolt - analyst

Distributed Disclosure of the Alien-Industrial Complex continues meaning the public will likely be meeting ET in near future

Senator Marco Rubio says officials with 'high clearances' have 'knowledge' of UFO craft retrievals | Daily Mail Online

Rubio’s claims support “whistleblower” David Grusch’s similar leaks last month

Video: Rubio: Recent UFO whistleblower isn't the only one | Banfield

OK, Grandpa Biden, it’s time for your nap

"I sold a lot of state secrets..." - Dementia in Chief Joe Biden : r/Conservative

Biden has begun using CPAP machine for sleep apnea | CNN Politics

But, I can’t fault Biden for this one…

Biden Has Confused Iraq for Ukraine Twice in the Last 24 Hours

If there was a Rioting Olympics, France would have 50 gold medals

France police killing: Officer who killed teen apologises amid riots - BBC News

France deploys 40,000 police as Macron seeks to avoid 2005 riots rerun – POLITICO

Supreme court decisions

US Supreme Court rules website designer can refuse to serve same-sex couples - BBC News 

Supreme Court strikes down Biden's student loan forgiveness plan 

Supreme Court outlaws affirmative action in college admissions in landmark decision 

Supreme Court rejects novel legislative theory but leaves a door open for 2024 election challenges | AP News 

Well, I guess now we can keep using plastics

Video: Motorized 'spermbot' helps sperm reach egg | Science | AAAS

Pence Looking Good

Mike Pence makes surprise trip to Ukraine - The Washington Post

Floridians, please stop shooting people through doors

Florida woman who fatally shot neighbor through door won’t face murder charges | The Hill

Pinellas sheriff: No charges for Dunedin homeowner who shot at pool cleaner

Tourism Advisory:  More ways Florida will kill you

Malaria alert issued in Florida. Why infectious mosquitoes have led to statewide concern

Florida moves forward on radioactive road paving plan as Gov. DeSantis signs new law

Another Bill Gates conspiracy?  Maybe.

Florida Malaria Cases Spark Bill Gates Conspiracy Theory

  • In 2003 Gates Foundation grants $1.5M to UF for genetically-engineered mosquitos to produce sterile offspring to prevent malaria.  GMO mosquitos released in Florida and Texas.

  • In 2013, Gates Foundation grants $100K to UT Austin to research improved malaria testing.

  • In 2018, Gates Foundation grants $3.5M to UF to research a malaria vaccine.

  • In 2019, Gates Foundation invests $55M in BioNTech, a company developing a malaria vaccine.  Promises up to $100M total investment.

  • In 2022, BioNTech enters clinical trial phase for malaria vaccine.

  • In 2023 local cases of malaria reported in Florida for the first time in 20 years, and for the first time in 29 years in Texas.

  • CONCLUSION: There is no evidence of a conspiracy, only the coincidence of a deadly disease appearing exactly when and where the Gates Foundation was financing research into a vaccine, which seems to be a repeating pattern.  The connections in this instance are not nearly as solid as the evidence from the Wuhan lab SARS-CoV-2 release in 2019.

LAPD in Scientology’s back pocket

Exclusive: Shelly Miscavige and The Missing Scientologists: How The LAPD Made Scientology's Problem Go Away

Ponzi Scheme

What Charles Ponzi's Scheme and US Entitlement Programs Have in Common - Foundation for Economic Education

Can’t put this genie back in the bottle

The Damaging Results of The Mandated Return to Office is Worse Than We Thought | Entrepreneur

Effects of rent mortarium

Tenants say a 3-year ban on evictions kept them housed. Landlords say they're drowning in debt | AP News

I don't believe you

Jeffrey Epstein's death WAS suicide, jail's 'negligence and misconduct' blamed in DoJ report | Daily Mail Online

Crazy Rosanne

Roseanne Barr Re-Cancels Herself: ‘Nobody Died in the Holocaust’

Reefer Ron DeMadness all about that freedom 

Unless you like a plant

Ron DeSantis Says He Would Not Decriminalize Marijuana If Elected President

Or Mexican

DeSantis unveils an aggressive immigration and border security policy that largely mirrors Trump's | AP News

Tell us something we don't know 

FBI failed 'at fundamental level' before Capitol riot, Senate report claims - BBC News

Life turns into an SNL skit

Police have no responsibility to help you

Then-Parkland school resource officer who stayed outside during mass shooting found not guilty

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