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Unattended Baggage Episode #207: AI Trump vs. AI Biden Saves the Show

Unattended Baggage Episode #207: AI Trump vs. AI Biden Saves the Show

Unattended Baggage Show Notes 7/22/2023

Episode #207: AI Trump vs. AI Biden Saves the Show

How the writers & actors strike may save Hollywood for the Cheesecake Factory demographic, country music artist proves his song is racist by overtly trying not to be racist, DeMadness says slavery was a good career move, it’s time for the 3rd party bait and switch again, Congress checks out Hunter Biden porn, Texas makes sure immigrants’ backs stay wet, and how hot is it?

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Jonathan M asks Please comment on the AI debate between Trump and Biden that has been going on for weeks on Twitch


Cops and reporters first to be replaced by AI and how many DFC entries can we actually make these articles

This AI Watches Millions Of Cars Daily And Tells Cops If You’re Driving Like A Criminal

Santa Monica tests AI cameras for parking tickets | KTLA

Google pitched a news-writing AI tool to New York Times, Washington Post | ZDNET

White House secures voluntary pledges from Microsoft, Google on AI

Hackers clone ChatGPT to use in cyberattacks

Malicious ChatGPT Clone WormGPT Used to Launch Email Attacks - Decryp

Wait, is AI naturally getting dumber or was it intentionally nerfed?

Drops from 97.6% accuracy to a horrendous 2.4%

Why interject racism when there is so much that could actually be celebrated?

Media's outrage at Luke Combs covering Tracy Chapman's 'Fast Car' underscores obsession with race: critics | Fox News

The woke erasure of Tracy Chapman - spiked

Tracy Chapman praises Luke Combs country cover of 'Fast Car' - Upworthy

Racist Revisionist Ron DeMadness

Florida Schools Will Teach How Slavery Brought ‘Personal Benefit’ to Black People

How the US military phished themselves

Typo sends millions of US military emails to Russian ally Mali - BBC News

Democrats attempt to silence speech in hearing about the government's attempt to silence speech

Democrats tear into RFK Jr. during weaponization hearing | The Hill 

RFK Jr has ‘no business’ testifying in Congress on government censorship, Democrats say | Fox News

Three key moments from RFK Jr. testimony to Congress - POLITICO

 BREAKING NEWS: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Explodes At Stacey Plaskett, Accuses Her Of 'Defamation'

BREAKING NEWS: Democrats Attempt To End Weaponization Hearing With RFK Jr. Before It Starts 

Tulsi Gabbard FLAMES Dem Elites For VILIFYING RFK Jr, Cornel West: 'NO Conscience' 

It’s bait and switch time again or Americans are just lying to themselves again

Half of Voters Open to Third-Party Candidate in Troubling Sign For Biden

Congress checks out Hunter Biden’s porn

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene shows off X-rated pics of Hunter Biden with a woman while questioning IRS whistleblower

Stanford president resigns after manipulating research data for Alzheimer’s drug used by the company he co-founded

Stanford president resigns over manipulated research, will retract at least three papers

Alzheimer's Data Faked? Docs 'Groomed' to Overuse Devices; Orphan Drug Fight | MedPage Today

Continued Tragedy at the border

Exclusive: Texas troopers told to push children into Rio Grande, deny water to migrants, records say

Texas trooper says they were told to push children into Rio Grande and deny migrants water 

DOJ threatens Abbott with lawsuit over floating barriers in Rio Grande | The Hill 

Play stupid games and win stupid prizes and this is completely politically motivated 

Michigan AG charges 16 ‘false electors’ for Donald Trump in 2020 presidential election | Fox News

Florida's Matt Gaetz to introduce bill defunding Jack Smith investigation targeting Trump: 'We must act' | Fox News

It is just hot outside. Is global warming here?

Phoenix hits record for 19th day of 110+ degrees in a row — with more ahead

For those prices I’ll take any fucking selfie I want and you are a dick for doing it

Miranda Lambert is RIPPED by fans as a 'Karen' as clip of her popping a fan's beach ball surfaces following selfie incident in Las Vegas residency | Daily Mail Online

There is an app for that?

Miami mom tried to hire hit man to kill 3-year-old son through parody website: police | Fox News

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