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Unattended Baggage Episode #214: ET or BS? We don’t know what to think

Unattended Baggage Episode #214: ET or BS? We don’t know what to think

We try to unwrap the Mexico “alien” disclosure and come up with more questions than answers, Seattle cop & union VP devalues life of woman killed by cop, Commies fail to learn a lesson in quasi-fr...

Unattended Baggage Show Notes 9/16/2023

Episode #214: ET or BS? We don’t know what to think

We try to unwrap the Mexico “alien” disclosure and come up with more questions than answers, Seattle cop & union VP devalues life of woman killed by cop, Commies fail to learn a lesson in quasi-freedom, whistleblower says CIA bribed analysts to rule out COVID lab leak theory, DeSantis opens hunting season on border crossers, and a Dickensesque child criminal gang terrorizes NYC.

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DISCLOSURE OR HOAX? Mexico’s Congressional UAP hearing displays two 1000-year-old mummified “non-human” bodies, releases x-rays, MRIs and DNA sequence…US media suppress 

Mexican Congressional UAP/UFO Hearing: Mummified Alien Bodies [Full Video]

Looks like ET.  Full X-rays, CAT scans, MRI results released.  DNA sequences posted on US website for public scientific review.  Initial DNA analysis shows “not part of Earth’s evolutionary process.”

Bodies were found in a diatom mine in Peru near Nazca.  Carbon-14 dating shows bodies 700-1400 years old.  University confirms findings.

More Photos from Mexico UFO Hearings : r/aliens

Matches with “debunked” 12-year-old video from Russia

UFO Video of dead alien found in snow in Russia - UFO crash?

Speilberg says Reagan told him, “Everything on that screen is absolutely true.”

Spielberg Confirms President Reagan's Comments While Watching the Movie E.T. at the White House

One of the researchers who worked on the DNA sequencing says bodies were likely genetically engineered:  “We see the same sequences repeated everywhere, and the distance in bp between the genes is virtually the same throughout their genome. The result is a minimalist, highly condensed genome. In fact, it's much smaller than ours. Moreover, the quantity of protein-coding genes is even significantly lower than ours, probably due to genetic refinement but also to biological processes that are absent in EBO. The uniformity of these sequences is a major indication of the artificiality of these beings. There is no complex organism on earth that has such elegance in its sequences. There is no evolutionary pressure that can lead to this kind of characteristic other than genetic engineering.”  

First international media reports trickling in

'Alien' bodies with three fingered hands and feet are presented by UFO expert at Mexican congress

‘Alien corpses’ shown to Congress as UFO expert forced to testify under oath | The Independent

Chinese space authority says no proof aliens exist after Mexican congress shown ‘extraterrestrial corpses’ | South China Morning Post

Final take?

Not sure.  There are some red flags, and there’s also some pretty compelling evidence.  The ringleader is a quasi-journalist with a history of showmanship, to put it mildly.  But, he’s got several respected scientists backing him up on this.  They’ve put the DNA up to public scrutiny.  If they allow other scientists to test the bodies themselves, we’d probably find out whether these are real or fake pretty quickly.  But right now, I’d put the odds of being legit at about 50/50.

NASA puts out typical pablum in long-awaited UAP report

NASA UFO report finds no evidence of 'extraterrestrial origin' for UAP sightings | Space

NASA names its new UFO boss — after initially saying it wouldn't - POLITICO

This is why people hate cops

Investigation launched into tape of Seattle police guild leaders downplaying death of woman struck by officer

Shocking moment Seattle cop LAUGHS at scene of crash where grad student Jaahnavi Kandual was killed by police SUV | Daily Mail Online

Whistleblower testifies CIA bribed its analysts to conclude COVID did NOT originate in the Wuhan lab

CIA bribed its own COVID-19 origin team to reject lab-leak theory, anonymous whistleblower claims | Science

CIA offered hush money to analysts who found COVID-19 originated in Wuhan lab, whistleblower says

The Ministry of Information has been privatized

Threads blocks searches related to covid and vaccines as cases rise

They just proved why America is great. Because in a communist country, they would have been killed 

Communist revolutionaries burn American flags outside Jason Aldean concert, claiming 'America was never great' | Fox News

Unless DeSantis is elected then if you try to cross the border we will shoot you. Just like in North Korea

Ron DeSantis says killing border crossers a 'few times' will deter future occurrences

Child criminal labor strikes 

NYC child thieves keep targeting bars, leaving owners 'overwhelmed' with thefts: 'The police can't arrest me, I'm just a kid'

Adrian Tech Talk segment 

Google goes to trial in biggest US challenge to tech power in decades

Whole lotta shaking going on 

Morocco earthquake: Moroccans sleep in the streets for third night after quake that killed over 2,100 | AP News

“Amid offers from several countries, including the United States and France, Moroccan officials said Sunday that they are accepting international aid from just four countries: Spain, Qatar, Britain and the United Arab Emirates.”

Devastating flood in Libya

Death toll hits 11300 in Libyan city destroyed by floods

No cars for you!

UAW workers launch unprecedented strike against all Big Three automakers

Ford TV ad:  Ford TV Spot, 'Ford Workers' [T1] -

More media data manipulation on climate change

U.S. has seen a record number of weather disasters this year. It’s only September.

“Idalia became the 23rd “billion dollar” weather disaster to strike the United States this year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported on Monday, eclipsing the previous record of 22 set in 2020. And there are still four months left in this year, with the very real potential for more devastating weather ahead.”

How do they come to this conclusion?  By not adjusting for inflation.

Here’s the actual data:

Inflation calculator:

Trump’s response on 9/11/2001: How had I not heard this before?

Trump bragged about the height of Trump Tower in the immediate aftermath of 9/11

Well, they fuck us for money, so…

Candidate in high-stakes Virginia election performed sex acts with husband in live videos | AP News

Apple once again releases inferior technology at 4X the price

Apple reveals iPhone 15 with USB-C charging port to comply with EU rules | Science & Tech News

Maybe if you actually believed in this I would feel bad for ya

“Flake added in remarks on the Senate floor: “It is clear at this moment that a traditional conservative who believes in limited government and free markets, who is devoted to free trade, who is pro-immigration, has a narrower and narrower path to nomination in the Republican Party.””

Romney concedes demagogues have won the Republican Party - The Washington Post

The illusion of safety in order to steal your stuff

New surveillance footage shows Miami TSA officers accused of stealing from passengers 

China and Russia are real threats, but c’mon

China, Russia taking ‘batting practice’ in air intercepts of aging US aircraft, general says - Defense One

Tech billionaires teach ignorant Senators how to regulate them as they seal the fate of mankind to become trillionaires

Inside the Senate’s Private AI Meeting With Tech’s Billionaire Elites | WIRED

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