It is amazing how you seem to insult people and spam people at the same time.

You’re so in desperate need of working on your people skills that it’s scary

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I heard your podcast it is good to see you're finally waking up that we are not free not even close not even a little bit here's what will wake you up even more here's my federal case this is the some of the discovery we got they absolutely did not send everything but this is enough to show you we are not free they're trying to shut me down for free speech and exposing the police sheriff and government corruption

You sent

FEDERAL DISCOVERY FOR ANDREW SHEETS VS PUNTA GORDA SO FAR,THERE R ILEGALY NOT SENDING IT ALL ////////////// This is proof that they're illegally not giving us everything in the federal case. they just proved they're illegally not giving me everything in my criminal case, there's video in here I did not get in the criminal case that were connected to the case. LOOK AT R DISCOVERY document where everything that we asked for in some of the requests he did ask for emails a lot of requests he did not he should have because that's where it is. but IT absolutely shows collusion conspiracy harassment Rico and this isn't even everything .to help the cause if any of you auditors want to share some of his video to show the collusion conspiracy and harassment go for it is .unbelievable how many videos are in here about me and yet this still is not everything. but there is stuff in here that I wanted for a long time never got because they overcharged me or never gave it to me. some of the people that assaulted me are finally in here which they never did anything about ,and one person who tried to help me because I was attacked, they treated him like a criminal and searched his car which IS sad. THE person that hit me with the water bottle that video is not in here .this is u******** believable man, and the good news is there might be another FEDERAL civil rights case coming for FREE SPEECH PROTEST BULL HORNS issue that they're doing .PLUS MY LAWSUIT FOR THE ILEGAL AREST AND JAILING OF ME FOR FREE SPEECH FOR 30 DAYS,PLUS THE ARMED FISHERMAN IS GOING TO SUE THEM FOR THE ILEGAL DETAINMENT FOR OPEN CARRY FISHING,PLUS YIN YANE NEWS AND CATCH U LATER GOING TO SUE FOR LEGALY FILMING IN THE POLICE LOBBY WHERE THEY WERE ARESTED ON FELONY CHARGES,THERE OWN ORDINANCE SAIDS YOU CAN FILM THE POLICE.PLUS STIL NEED TO RE SUE FOR FILMING IN PUBLIK OFFICES,THAT FEDERAL LAWSUIT NEEDS TO B FINISHED.everyone needs to file a civil rights lawsuit against THEM .they are disgusting out of control and need to be punished to the max


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